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Dec 16th, 2008


Two new comic pages posted. Swansong page 12 and Enigma Eve Issue 1 page 5.

Speaking of new comics that we like, we recently discovered the hilarious (and sometimes sad) Garfield Minus Garfield. It's Garfield comics with Garfield removed,"in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle." You haven't laughed at Garfield like this since you were 8. Guaranteed.

Dec 8th, 2008

Site Update

Like I said, updates starting the first (or second) week of December. Two new comic pages posted. Swansong page 11 and a fifth Stupid Random Word Balloon comic.

And remember, Enigma Eve and Swansong make great Christmas presents. So do prints and mouse pads! Hell, buy a second one for yourself, you earned it.

Nov 20th, 2008

Site Update

Two new comic pages posted. Swansong page 10 and a fourth Stupid Random Word Balloon comic.

The first issues of Enigma Eve and Swansong are now also availible at Kitsune Comics, so check them out! Our thanks to them for listing our comics (we still wonder where they found out about us).

More updates starting first week of December.

Nov 5th, 2008

Updade! Update!

Two new comic pages posted. Swansong page 9 and a third Stupid Random Word Balloon comic.

Also, Lydia now has a Deviant Art page. The plan is to have some differnt art on the Deviant page than is on this site, so check 'em both out.

Oct 8th, 2008

Site Update

Quick updade for this week: Two new comic pages posted. Swansong page 7 and a second Stupid Random Word Balloon comic.

Oct 3rd, 2008

Giving Us Your Money Just Got Easier!

Rejoice! You can now buy Swansong Issue 1 and Enigma Eve Issue 2 at Comixpress! We will be posting pages from both comics (well, Enigma Eve issue 1 before issue 2) at least once a week. But for those of you who are impatient, you can go buy them in print.

Bellcon went well. It's a much smaller con than the Emerald City Comicon so while there are fewer people you are actually able to talk to them easier. We were the last table at the end of the hall. The most frequently heard questions were: "Oh, this is it?" and "Where's the bathroom?" Other than that it was fine. We were seated once again next to Leigh and Jason, of Wayfarer's Moon fame and, once again, enjoyed chatting with them. Go check out their comic if you haven't already (then come back here!). Artist Michel Gagné was also in attendance. We are eagerly awating the collected "Saga of Rex"! The artist of "Kat-nap" also gave us a bookmark. Thanks to everyone who bought a comic or print! Plan on us being there next year.

Were there enough links in this post?

Sept 25th, 2008

For Whom the Bellcon Tolls

Ok, so it's short notice but we will be attending "Bellcon" Sept. 27th in Bellingham, WA. So, come see us and our stuff!

Our efforts at regular updates has so far been somewhat inconsistent, as 'reality' seems to keep rearing its ugly head when its not wanted. But we do have a new section in the comics page, "Stupid, Random, Word Balloons" What are they, you ask? Click and find out.

In the category of new comics that we like, I recently bought the new book by artist Chris Sanders, "Kiskaloo". We love it, so should you. Check it out at Kiskaloo.com

After Bellcon we go into overdrive to get new comics posted and printed in time for the 2009 Emerald City Comicon. Keep watching the skies! I mean, site. (Insert obvious "Simpsons" quote)

June 3rd, 2008

Site Updates

A couple of new site updates. First, both galleries have a new piece of artwork (that you can buy as prints). The site where you can buy art prints, mouse pads and t-shirts with our artwork has now changed their name to "That Photo Shoppe" but the web address is the same.

Our two new comics, Lydia's "Enigma Eve" issue 2 and James' "Swansong" issue 1 should be available at ComixPress soon, so keep checking for the latest. We will also have some sample pages up in the comics section by the next week.

We're going to try to make our site updates more regular. We're going to shoot for new updates every Tuesday, whether they be comic pages, new art or sketches.

Lastly, there is a new Links Banner on the "Links Page" should you want to add a link to our site. Let us know if you do, maybe we'll add a link to your site as well.

May 11th, 2008

Emerald City ComiCon 2008 Report.

The 2008 Emerald City Comicon has drawn to a close. And, after 320 miles (if you count 80 miles both ways, both days) 3 panel discussions and 2 times listening to Dio's "Holy Diver" here are some reflections and words of thanks regarding this, our second time attending the ECCC.

First and foremost our sincere and grateful thanks to all those who looked at or actually purchased a comic. (And for the lady at "The Dreaming" booth who wanted a punk-mermaid shirt go here.) I would also like to thank our Artist Alley neighbors, Leigh Kellogg and Jason Janicki, artist and writer (respectively) of Wayfarer's Moon for all the helpful and informative conversation. Read their comic online at www.wayfareresmoon.com. It's super cool.

And they gave us Skittles, too.

We found the panel discussion on self-publishing informative as usual. The panel on web comics provided us a lot of good idea's to start putting into action as well.

It was a very welcome surprise to see Albedo creator/artist Steve Gallacci at the convention. I have always loved Mr. Gallacci's artwork and I feel quite fortunate to have met him. Steve (along with Joseph Michael Linsner whom I saw last year) was on my short list of artists I've wanted to meet. Amy Pronovost, who was sharing her table with Steve, does some very nice art as well. Check out her website www.flyingarmadillo.com. I hope to see more of her art in the future. Thanks again to both of them for the very cool sketches!

Thanks go out to the stores "Cosmic Monkey Comics" and "The Dreaming" for buying our comics. And thanks to Shannon for stopping by our table again this year.

We, (Lydia and I) are both exhausted but invigorated. We hope to use our newly gained insights to become even more prolific in the months to come. If you've read this far, give yourself...well...a toffee or something. Holy Diver!!

(ahem, sorry)


March 16th, 2008

Still Alive.

As you may already know, we are signed up for the 2008 Emerald City Comicon. So we are hard at work getting our respective comics ready in time.

Keep watching the website, as we will be adding new stuff in the coming months. In fact, right now most of the images you see in the galleries can be bought at the Digital Art Moments online store in the form of high quality digital art prints, as well as t-shirts and mouse pads. Check it out.

July 25th, 2007

Web Sighted?

If your reading this then that means the website is finally up and running! We've been adding updates to the news section even though it hasn't been up for anyone to see just to keep up on things. So now that it's up, feel free to add a link to us on your webpages kids!

We don't want to be one of those websites that only add updates to tell you that things are late or that we're "still working on it", so when we do have news to tell we want it to be for a good reason. We also don't want to keep promising more comics/art and then not deliver, so we'll only say this once: "Rest assured, more Comics are on the way!"

But in the meantime, if you haven't already check out "Enigma Eve" at ComiXpress.



May 2nd, 2007

What's the What?

Buy Buy Buy! Buy Buy Buy! Buy Buy Buy! There's no subliminal messages there. You can now buy "Enigma Eve", the first comic published by Inanimate Sloth Bear, at ComiXpress.

You can learn more about Enigma Eve and view some sample pages in the 'comics' section.

As far as when James' 'Swansong' will be available, it's anyone's guess. Let's hope for early October. Sorry for the wait, but who knows, maybe it will be out sooner than that (but don't hold your breath).

April 2nd, 2007

Comicon Ahoy...

It is the day after our debut at the Emerald City Comicon. And though we did not sell much it was a good learning experience.

The highlight of the con for us was seeing Joseph Michael Linsner and getting his autograph. I wish I could have said something profound or at least something a bit more original to him than telling him how much of an inspiration his work has been. I'll settle for not coming off as a mumbling idiot in the presence of such a respected artist and writer.

What I can't believe was how few people there were to get Linsner's signature. We got ours first thing because we were sure there would be a gigantic line of people right away. But there were times when there was only one or two people there, sometimes nobody! And last year I thought the same thing about another great artist, Brom. But there were hardly any people to see him either. I start to question the kind of people that attend these things. Where the hell are these peoples priorities! Being completely unknown I expected alot of people to just walk by and pay us no mind, but what about them? I don't get it.

It seemed as though a lot of the people in artist alley were not selling anything either. We would like to extend our thanks to all the people who did buy a comic, print or mouse pad. And a special thanks to all the stores that bought at least one of each of our books:

Cosmic Monkey Comics.

Corner Comics

Comics Dungeon

Atomic Comics

Arcane Comics

Spy Comics

Also thanks to the participants of the panel discussion on self-publishing. Phil Foglio in particular for his witty and insightful comments.("You used a term that I despise, and I'm calling you out on it, 'market research'! Market research, that's Burger King, that's Biker Mice From Mars!") And while I'm thanking people, I'd also like to thank the local stores who helped us out:

Digital Art Moments.

Anacortes Printing

That's all for now. Maybe you'll see us there next year! Bye Ta ta ta.